Foundation is the essential element in makeup because the right kind of foundation aide hides all of your pores and blemishes and gives you a flawless and accurate look. Therefore, always pick the right foundation that matched with your skin type and tone. Furthermore, gives you full coverage to make your makeup look absolute and engaging. I have been spending two to three hours making a list of the best foundations in Pakistan for your comfort.

As you know, getting flawless skin is the dream of each lady. Because spotless skin gives them the confidence to conquer the world. When the lady is in comfort then they can do anything with reliance. So pick the right foundation and give yourself new courage to vanquish society.

I am going to present the ten best foundations that are available in Pakistan. All of these foundations are very rare and affordable. Plus they all give good coverage and protection. So, browse this blog and choose the best foundation for yourself to feel comfortable and pleasure in your own skin.

Best Foundations for women in pak

10 Best Foundations in Pakistan for Women

In Pakistan, you will find various kinds and shades of foundations. The very first step for girls who want to get the perfect look is choosing the right foundation. Because not all foundation for all skin types. First, you need to consider your skin type and tone, then search for the best one to get the enchanting look.

So for your comfort here I have gathered the best foundations for the women. Their specialty and quality are also discussed. I hope after reading this blog you will find the perfect foundation for yourself. So why are you waiting for..? Let’s browse.

Best Foundations in Pakistan for Women

10- Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Foundation

Maybelline is the most adoring brand that serves its clients for more than fifty years. It continuously tries to assist its clients with the best and affordable products.  Hence in OCT 2016, it launched the Fit Me liquid foundation for women.

This is the perfect choice for oily and combination skin. It gives your oily skin a full and smooth coverage and makes your face extra soft and fresh. It is very user-friendly and easy to blend. This foundation hydrates the skin texture and gives a naturally luminous finish to your oily skin. It likewise contains the SPF property that also shields your face from burning.

Best For: This Fit Me Foundation is best for dry and combination skin.

Best Foundations for women

09- L’Oreal Paris True Match Liquid Foundations

For perfectly matches skin color and texture, this medium coverage L’Oreal True Match foundation is ideal. It eliminates all pores, acne, spots, pimples, and blemishes from your face and gives you radiant and lustrous skin. This L’Oreal liquid base is available in 45 different shades, all you need is to pick the right one according to your skin tone. It likewise improves your skin quality and makes it more luminous.

Best For: This significant foundation is best for oily and dry skin.


08- Fenty Beauty Liquid Foundations in Pakistan

If you want to get the shine-free look then try this Fenty Beauty product that indeed makes your heart happy by executing your surface as you want. This will fill all pores and pimple marks and give you naturally radiating skin. This soft matte product comes in 50 shades. This foundation is perfect from everywhere but it has one downside, it has no SPF. So you will need to separately apply sunscreen.

Best For: Fenty beauty liquid foundation is best for sensitive skin.


07- Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Are you looking for a long-wearing foundation that provides medium to full coverage? Then this colorstay foundation by Revlon is excellent. It not only hides all flaws from your face also gives a neutral and soft look. It likewise holds the 15 SPF and 43 shades. Furthermore, it is free from oil that will not irritate your skin. One of the lightweight and velvety finish products that surely make your look awe-inspiring.

Best For: It is best for combination/oily and acne-prone skin.


06- NYX Stay Matte Liquid Foundation

Stay Matte but not flat with NYX liquid foundation. NYX is considered the most affordable product that provides full coverage by hiding all pores and marks from the face. It contains 45 different shades. One of the best and effective foundations for regular use. This liquid foundation likewise will open up your skin’s natural glow and give you a shine-free and radiant look. You can also use this matte foundation for heavy coverage by applying the double layer of foundation.

Best For: It is specially made for oily and combination skin types.


05- Too Faced Born This Way Foundations in Pakistan

The 1998 company is owned by Estée Lauder. Too faced is basically a makeup counter that sells beauty and skincare products. All of its items are very significant and beneficial. Hence ladies of all ages like to buy Too Faced products.

Recently it launched its Born This Way base that contains 35 flawless shades. Furthermore, this is an oil-free base that provides medium-to-full natural coverage. If you want to get the buttery smooth finish then try this Too Faced born this way foundation and get the valuable outcomes. It also keeps hydrated your skin and refreshing it.

Best For: This oil-free base is best for dry skin.


04- NARS All-Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

NARS is a notable brand that is famous because of its good quality products. Specialty its blush on and lipstick are very popular. The NARS weightless foundation is likewise very effective that gives beneficial results. Its foundation is available in 34 shades for all skin tones. It not only gives you good coverage also makes your skin soft and smooth by moisturizing it. It likewise hydrates skin throughout the day. This glow foundation likewise dims all marks from the face and gives you flawless and clean skin.

Best For: NARS is a full coverage foundation that is good for all skin types. But for dry and sensitive skin it is considered the ideal choice.


03- ELF Flawless Finish Foundations in Pakistan

ELF is an American cosmetic brand that is established in 2004. It offers bath, skincare, hair, and makeup products. The all products of ELF are very mind-blowing that leave their sparkle. Its flawless finish base is likewise very popular that gives full coverage that is great and feels fabulous on the skin. Furthermore, it never looks cakey or streaky. Plus, its cost is very cheap which anyone can easily buy.

If you are going to the formal party and you are searching for a lightweight foundation like BB cream, try this ELF foundation and I am sure you will never be disappointed.

Best For: Usually it is best for all skin types, but it is abundant for pores, acne, and combination skin.


02- Kashee’s Full Coverage Liquid Foundation

If you looking for the full and massive coverage foundation then try this Kashee’s even tone high coverage liquid base that is specially prepared for wedding events. It also helps to hide all acne, blemishes, process, and marks naturally and gives you the matte finish look. But you can’t use this base for light coverage. Anyways one of the best high coverage foundations that contain 5 different shades.

Best For: This Kahsee’s full coverage base is best for all skin types and tones.


01- Tarte Full Coverage Foundation

Women always prefer the liquid base that has SPF property so they don’t need to use any sunscreen. This Tarte Amazonian full coverage foundation is prepared for that ladies because it contains SPF 15. This type of foundation also conceals any skin flaws and gives a matte finish and a healthy glow.  So at least try this amazing liquid base once and I am sure you will never be disillusioned and became a fan of this base.

Best For: This Tarte foundation is best for combination and dry skin.


Correct Way to Apply Foundations..??

Applying the perfect foundation is very simple and easy. You just need a little bit of practice. After choosing the best foundation for yourself according to your skin type & tone. Now you need to obey the following steps to correctly apply it to your face to get the perfect look.

  1. Wash your face with any cleanser or face wash you have to remove all dead skin cells and old makeup from your face.
  2. Now take few drops of primer and apply them to your face. It will keep your makeup fresh, prevents foundation from streaking, and makes your make-up last all day.
  3. After that, Pick your base and start to apply it to your face.
  4. You can use any brush and sponge to blend your foundation.
  5. If you don’t have any brush in your wardrobe then you can mix it with your fingers, Yes, you can.
  6. Immediately, dip your brush into the liquid and apply the light layer of foundation to your face(if you want light coverage).
  7. Now the next step is to blend it in the circular motion making sure it covers all the edges of your face.
  8. If you need more coverage then apply one more layer of foundation and mix it with the sponge.
  9. After applying the correct foundation, then set it with the setting powder to keep your foundation in place and stay longer.

how to apply foundation


Impeccable skin is the basis of any look. So make your day good to hide all of your pores and acne from the right kind of foundation. The above ten foundations are very superlative that surely helpful for you to get a flawless and immaculate look. All of these are affordable which everyone can easily buy. So let’s look above and choose the fittest one for yourself and start your day with clean skin.

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