Having oily skin can present unique challenges when it comes to applying makeup. The constant battle against shine and the fear of makeup melting off can be frustrating. However, with the right products and techniques, you can achieve a long-lasting, flawless makeup look that controls oil and keeps your skin looking fresh all day. In this blog post, we will guide you through an everyday makeup look specifically designed for oily skin.

Everyday makeup is a personal expression of individual style and self-care. It allows individuals to embrace their unique features and create a canvas that reflects their mood and personality. It serves as a form of self-expression that can be tailored to personal preferences, enhancing one’s natural beauty and helping to boost self-esteem. Ultimately, everyday makeup is an enjoyable ritual that enables individuals to present their best selves to the world.

Everyday makeup look for oily skin

Everyday Makeup Look for Oily Skin

Everyday makeup is a versatile and subtle way to enhance one’s natural features and boost confidence on a daily basis. Whether it’s a simple swipe of mascara and a tinted lip balm for a natural look or a bit more creativity with eyeshadow and eyeliner for a bolder statement, everyday makeup empowers individuals to feel confident and ready to face the day ahead. It typically involves a light application of products that create a fresh and polished look without appearing overly dramatic or heavy. If you have a good night time skincare routine then your skin will release less oil in the morning.

This routine often includes essentials such as a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer for evening out the skin tone, a touch of blush or bronzer to add a healthy glow, a coat or two of mascara to define the lashes, and a neutral lip color to complete the effortless yet put-together appearance. Everyday makeup aims to accentuate one’s natural beauty while providing a quick and easy routine that is suitable for various occasions and can be accomplished within a short span of time.

Everyday makeup look

Step 1: Prep Your Skin

Start your everyday makeup routine by thoroughly cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser formulated specifically for oily skin. This step ensures that your canvas is clean and free from any dirt, excess oil, or impurities. After cleansing, it’s essential to follow up with a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer to provide hydration without adding any extra oil to your skin. Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type and allows for quick absorption, ensuring that it doesn’t leave a greasy or heavy residue. Give the moisturizer a few minutes to fully absorb into your skin before proceeding with the next steps of your makeup application. This simple skincare routine sets the foundation for a smooth and balanced base, preparing your skin for makeup products to follow. If you have sun tan, you can first try home remedies to remove sun tan naturally at home.

prep your skin

Step 2: Prime for Success

Choosing the right primer is crucial for controlling excess oil and ensuring the longevity of your makeup throughout the day. It acts as a preparatory step, creating a smooth and flawless base for your foundation. Opt for a mattifying primer that effectively blurs the appearance of pores and helps your foundation adhere better to your skin. To apply, dispense a pea-sized amount of primer onto your fingertips and gently massage it onto your entire face, paying extra attention to areas that tend to get oily, such as the T-zone. This will help to create a more even and long-lasting makeup application, keeping shine at bay and ensuring your look stays fresh and radiant from morning to night.

applying primer

Step 3: Foundation for a Flawless Base

Opt for an oil-free, long-wearing foundation that offers a smooth and velvety matte finish. Matte foundations not only provide excellent coverage but also help absorb excess oil and minimize shine throughout the day, ensuring a fresh-faced look that lasts. When applying the foundation, consider using a damp makeup sponge or a brush for a flawless and airbrushed effect. Begin by applying the foundation in the center of your face and gradually blending it outwards, ensuring an even and seamless coverage that beautifully enhances your natural features. This technique guarantees a radiant and natural-looking finish that is bound to turn heads.

Everyday makeup look for oily skin

Step 4: Set It in Place

To ensure your everyday makeup lasts throughout the day, it is essential to incorporate certain steps into your routine. After applying your foundation or tinted moisturizer, it’s recommended to set it with a translucent or oil-absorbing setting powder. Gently dust the powder over your entire face, focusing on areas that tend to become oily or shiny. This crucial step helps to control excess oil, providing a matte finish and preventing your makeup from smudging or sliding off. By setting your foundation with a setting powder, you can maintain a fresh and polished look throughout the day, ensuring your everyday makeup stays intact and flawless.

Everyday makeup look for oily skin

Step 5: Eyes that Stay Put

When it comes to everyday eye makeup, it’s important to choose long-lasting formulas that resist smudging and creasing throughout the day. Begin by applying an eyeshadow primer to create a smooth canvas and ensure your eyeshadow stays in place without creasing. Opt for matte eyeshadows that complement your skin tone, and gently blend them onto your eyelids for a subtle and polished look. To prevent smudging caused by excess oil around the eyes, finish off your eye makeup routine with a coat of waterproof mascara. This will help your lashes stay defined and voluminous all day long, without worrying about any unsightly smudges. By incorporating these tips into your everyday makeup routine, you can achieve a flawless eye look that lasts from morning to night.

applying eye makeup

Step 6: Blush and Contour with Care

For everyday makeup, it’s important to consider the texture and longevity of products, especially for those with oily skin. When it comes to blush and contour, choosing powder formulas over creamy ones is advisable, as they tend to have better-staying power. To achieve a natural flush, gently apply a matte blush to the apples of your cheeks, gradually blending it towards your temples for a seamless transition. When contouring, opt for a cool-toned powder shade that complements your skin tone, using it to define your cheekbones, jawline, and temples. Remember to take your time blending thoroughly to ensure a flawless finish, avoiding any harsh lines that may appear unnatural.

applying blush

Step 7: Matte Lips for Everyday Makeup Look for Oily Skin

When it comes to choosing the perfect lipstick or lip gloss for everyday makeup, it’s advisable to opt for long-wearing, matte formulas. Matte lipsticks not only provide a sophisticated finish but also tend to have better-staying power throughout the day, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups. Their matte texture also makes them less likely to transfer or smudge, ensuring a pristine look that lasts. To further enhance precision, consider applying the lip color directly from the tube or using a lip brush, allowing for a more controlled and precise application. When selecting shades, it’s important to consider ones that complement your unique skin tone, harmonizing with your overall makeup look and enhancing your natural features.

applying lipstick

Step 8: Setting Spray for the Win

To lock in your everyday makeup and maintain a flawless look throughout the day, it is crucial to incorporate a finishing touch into your routine. A setting spray designed specifically for oily skin is an excellent choice, as it helps control excess oil production and extends the longevity of your makeup. Opt for a mattifying setting spray that effectively combats shine, ensuring your skin stays fresh and matte for hours on end. By incorporating this final step, you can confidently go about your day, knowing that your makeup will remain intact and beautiful, even in challenging conditions.

applying setting spray


With the right products and techniques, achieving an everyday makeup look for oily skin is entirely possible and can leave you feeling confident and radiant. The key lies in properly prepping your skin before applying makeup. Start by cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser formulated for oily skin, ensuring that your skin is clean and free from excess oil and impurities. Next, opt for oil-free and lightweight products that are specifically designed for oily skin, such as a mattifying primer to create a smooth canvas and control shine.

When it comes to foundation, choose a long-wearing and oil-free formula that provides a matte finish. Setting your makeup in place is crucial for oily skin, so reach for a translucent powder to absorb excess oil and prevent unwanted shine throughout the day. Don’t forget to blot any oil breakthrough with blotting papers or a mattifying powder as needed. By embracing your beautiful, oil-prone skin and implementing these tips and tricks, you can confidently rock your everyday makeup look, knowing it will last all day and keep shine at bay.

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